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First Orthodontic Visit and Consultation

Your first visit is completely complimentary. [$300.00] We will have all your photogragps and Xrays taken and our Orthodontist will diagnose your case and make his recommendations. The treatment plan will be explained and all questions related to treatment plan will be answered.

Our treatment Coordinator will sit with you afterwards and go through all the finances and insurance benefits if you have any. She will help you choosing the best payment plan that fit your needs and answer all your questions related to financial plan.

Fee IPAD or Coupon for New Orthodontic Patients

New patients may receive an IPAD with the start of their treatment if they meet certain criteria. In order to be eligible to free IPAD, your case should be a Full Comprehensive case which means a full orthodontic treatment that requires at least 24 months of treatment.

We also offer discounts and coupons depending on time of the year. We try to custom made our offers to best suit every individual patient and help them starting treatment.

Free Bleaching kits for new patients or their parents

You can qualify for a free bleaching kit. You need to be seen by our general dentist and once our General Dentist approves that you have no cavities and in agood dental health, then you can ask for your free bleaching kit . This usually includes a bleaching tray and one tube of bleaching paste.

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