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Root Canal Treatment

We provide fast and comfortable root canals. Our Doctors have a lot of experience in using root canal therapy to save teeth and relieve pain.

The most immediate symptoms you may need a root canal are tooth pain that spreads to adjacent parts of the mouth and jaw. If you think you may be in need of a root canal call us now and we will arrange to get you seen right away.

Root Canal Procedure:

Root canal therapy is a procedure used to save a tooth when the decay has spread down into the root itself. The root becomes infected and this puts pressure on the adjacent teeth and parts of the mouth. Using root canal therapy we can remove the infection and restore the tooth with a crown or an onlay.

Before recommending root canal therapy we collect a thorough history of any symptoms and perform an examination including dental x-rays. This helps us accurately diagnose any tooth that may need root canal therapy.

Our root canals are fast and comfortable. When properly performed, and under normal circumstances, a root canal-treated tooth can last you a lifetime.

Symptoms You May Need A Root Canal:

  • Moderate or severe lingering toothache, which may be throbbing, when having hot or cold foods.
  • Toothache pain so intense it wakes you up at night.
  • Pain when chewing or biting.
  • Swelling on your gum which when pressed may release blood or pus.
  • Pain that starts in one tooth and spreads to other regions of the jaw or head.
  • Sometimes, however, there may be no symptoms.

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